About Harry

Harry Rilling was born and raised in Norwalk. After graduating from Norwalk High School, he enlisted in the United States Navy. Upon returning to Norwalk he joined the Norwalk Police Department, where he served the community for 41 years, including 17 years as Chief of Police and one term as the President of Connecticut Chiefs of Police. He raised three children in Norwalk and five of his seven grandchildren attend Norwalk public schools. 

Harry was elected Mayor of Norwalk in 2013 and has worked hard to make Norwalk a stronger city. He kept Norwalk’s fiscal house in order with a triple-A bond rating and a budget surplus. With a team approach he moved several large-scale development projects forward to expand Norwalk's tax base and grow the economy. Additionally, he is helping implement the innovative P-TECH program in Norwalk’s schools by partnering with Norwalk Community College and IBM.

Harry and his wife, Lucia, live in Norwalk.


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